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Anna Berit Asp Christensen is an artist and curator with strong roots in both classical and new music. Her activities are partly based on her past as a practising, classically trained musician, and partly related to comprehensive work on the theory and dissemination of music. Her practice is characterised by a constant investigation of the potential of experimental art music as well as its range and position on the contemporary art scene. Christensen’s impressively broad knowledge of repertoire – also within various art forms, ranging from art music and sound art to performance art, modern dance and concept art – finds expression in her works, which mainly seek to link up with other art forms in order to place music into new perspectives. A characteristic feature in her work are skilfully composed meetings, both between different musical genres and between music as a unified genre and other art genres.

Since 2007, Anna Berit Asp Christensen has been the director and artistic director of the SPOR festival in Aarhus. She is also the artistic director of SCENATET – ensemble for art and music, which she founded in 2008. The ensemble is her principal artistic and curatorial platform, through which she has inter alia created and developed the projects "ConcertWalk", "DokumentarKoncerten", "Living Room Installationer", and "Backyard Pictures", the latter in collaboration with composer Bent Sørensen. Currently she is working on "BackYardOpera", again in collaboration with Sørensen; the project will premiere in August 2019.

Christensen also directs musical dramatic works, most recently Salvatore Sciarrino’s "Aspern Suite" in June 2018, and she does solo pieces. In 2013 she contributed the sound installation "The Singing Trees" to the art exhibition Geist Glorup on Funen. The sound piece, which was installed in a cluster of old chestnut trees, was based on lullabies collected from people familiar with the Glorup Estate either personally or through earlier generations. The five trees each had their separate compositions and together made up a choir of singing trees, which – as a musical echo – ‘retold’ the sound of the estate. In 2011, Christensen was granted a six-months residency in Berlin by the Danish Arts Council. She has been appointed as a member of several cultural foundations and committees, and inter alia is a board member of Danish Dance Theatre and of SNYK, the national centre for contemporary and experimental music and sound art in Denmark.
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