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Franz Koglmann

Franz Koglmann was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1947. He studied classical music, then Jazz and lived in New York and Philadelphia for study trips.

Koglmann is internationally acclaimed as an important reviver of crossover music bordering between jazz and European modern music. He collaborated with many renowned international musicians such as Lee Konitz, Derek Bailey, Tony Coe, Steve Lacy, Ran Blake, Paul Bley and many more; since the 1980s he focuses his works on composition.

1986–96 Koglmann has recorded for the Swiss label hat ART records; 1998–2004 he has worked as artistic director for the Frankfurt CD label between the lines.

Most of Koglmann’s pieces cross borders to visual arts, literature, film or theatre. The last work “Nocturnal Walks – Twilight musings based on motifs by Joseph Haydn, featuring the original voice of E. M. Cioran” was the Austrian contribution to Sibiu/Hermannstadt, European Capital of Culture in 2007. col legno recently released his CD »Loo-lee-ta/Music on Nabokov« a musical approach to Nabokov’s classic novel Lolita.

Koglmann received numerous grants and awards, at last the Music Award ofthe City of Vienna (2001), the Music Award of Lower Austria (2003) and theErnst-Krenek-Award of the City of Vienna (2008).

Photo: Elfie Semotan
The truth is out: Haydn was a jazz composer! Franz Koglmann took the diligent classic’s 27th symphony with him on his Nocturnal Walks
Franz Koglmann meets Vladimir Nabokov, the master of "chamber music in prose"
(literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki) and composer of crackling word sonatas. 
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