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Christian Winther Christensen
© Mette Kramer Kristensen

Christian Winther Christensen has his own unmistakable style and has proven himself to be an entirely contemporary composer pushing the boundaries while at the same time relating to music history through quotations and intimations that comment on and create ironic distance from new music, turn it upside down, and give it a completely new dimension.

He is one of a number of younger composers in Europe that have each found their own musical language. Together they are creating a framework for a completely new way of composing, for composers that no longer take their cues from the composers of the 20th century. “The new trends bring a certain freshness. Of course I am influenced by the older generation since it is them I have immersed myself in. I know all of Lachenmann’s and Ligeti’s works but what I am really inspired by now is my own generation,” says Winther Christensen. And as he is inspired by his own generation of composers, he too in turn influences the musical developments of his time through his works.

Christian Winther Christensen studied composition with Bent Sørensen, Niels Rosing-Schow, Hans Abrahamsen, and Hans-Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg at the Royal Danish Conservatory, and with Frédéric Durieux at the Paris Conservatoire.

The ensembles and orchestras that have performed his music include e.g. Ensemble Mosaik (DE), the London Sinfonietta (UK), Curious Chamber Players (S), DissonArt Ensemble (GR), Ensemble Alternance (F), the Arditti Quartet (UK), the Silesian String Quartet (PL), Oslo Sinfonietta (N), Black Hair Ensemble (UK), Caput (IS), Interensemble (IT), Ensemble Aleph (F), the Athelas Ensemble (DK), Figura (DK), the Esbjerg Ensemble (DK), and Zoom (DK).

His works have been presented at the Tage für Neue Musik 2010, ISCM Festival Sydney 2010, Festival di Nuova Musica 2008, as well as Nordic Music Days, UNM Festival, SPOR, Athelas, Wundergrund, Suså, and Musikhøst.

Christian Winther Christensen has been awarded the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize and the Schierbeck Prize and receives yearly grants from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Almost in G: an album composed by Christian Winther Christensen, performed by Scenatet and sincerely recommended by col legno
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