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Enno Poppe - Rad
WWE 1CD 20237
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Enno Poppe

Enno Poppe - Holz 11:06 Share
Enno Poppe - 17 Etüden 03:58 Share
Total Time 15:04
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01 Enno Poppe - Holz 11:06
02 Enno Poppe - 17 Etüden 03:58
Total Time 15:04
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Enno Poppe is considered one of the greatest individualists among contemporary composers. In his music brimming with unruly energy, he is always looking for both constructive grounding and the playful element. He builds up expectations he never fulfills. “The refinement of his ensemble sound wraps the listener into a cocoon, as it were. He is particularly clear and poignant in order to counteract the danger of impressionistic overstimulation. Holz, Knochen, Öl, Wand, Rad, Tier – those titles stick like labels on the corresponding pieces. They anticipate what we can expect to hear before the first sound has reached our ears. While there is no place in this music for the vague or a mystical murmur, it allows for the unexpected and secret.” (Rainer Pöllmann)

Micro-intervals dominate both Rad and Holz. In the former, their use is immediate and continuous with two keyboards being out of tune with one another by micro-intervals. In Holz, the phenomenon only occurs sporadically. ...

... Poppe once said that animal life is subject to “laws which we are able to analyze but which we are unable to understand.” The string quartet Tier follows this very idea. It constantly eschews us and always remains in a state of suspension. While the interpreter must meet the demands of the 17 Etüden für die Violine without ostentation, she is permitted to reveal her virtuosity in the Gelöschte Lieder. Virtuallylike  everything else by Poppe, this charming composition for ensemble is based on his artistic maxim: “The true capacity of compositional systems only becomes apparent under conditions of pressure.” For the listener, unburdened by pressure, Poppe’s are among the most delightful pieces of music written in the past 20 years.



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