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Kontra Wagner
WWE 1CD 60018
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Kontra Wagner

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Tristan and Isolde are dancing a quadrille, the Flying Dutchman staggers through strange string quartet harmonies, and Richard Wagner dreams violin dreams of his muse Mathilde Wesendonck. At the Salzburg Easter Festival 2007, an ensemble of Berlin philharmonics made it their business to counterpoint Wagner. Wagner seen from a different angle: popular motifs from his operas in adaptations ranging from solemn to humorous, in various instrumentations. Plenty of counterpoints to the established Wagner tradition, by Wagner himself and by Monti, master of the czardas, by the Frenchman Chabrier or the German Hindemith. And, eventually, also counterpoints against Wagner, 20th century separations by Webern and Krenek. All of them performed pointedly, brilliantly and heartily. A CD compilation for every music lover with a sense of humor, Wagnerian or no Wagnerian.
Salzburg Easter Festival 2007 – Kontrapunkte I and III
Kontrapunkte I (1–10) »Werke von Richard Wagner«
Kontrapunkte III (11–17) »Gegen Wagner«

Members, Ensembles and Guests of the Berliner Philharmoniker
Michael Hasel, conductor

Text by Maximilian Dorner

Salzburger Osterfestspiele 2007

Recording Dates April 4, 2007 (track 1–10) , April 8, 2007 (track 11–17)
Recording Location Mozarteum Salzburg, Großer Saal (Austria)



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