Alma - Transalpin
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WWE 1CD 20428
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Luce 03:59
Finska 04:12
Seckauer 02:14
Ransom 05:30
Im Regent's Park um 12.00 03:36
Wurzhorner 02:06
Morocco 04:48
Tschum Tschum 02:10
Bächlein helle 02:55
Mai Maadele, mai Tschuurale 05:30
Bazzarah 04:29
Wolfsfrau 04:27
Zillertaler 02:51
Fluvius 04:22
Tam Tam 03:46
Bitola (Bonus Track) 05:14
Total Time 01:02:09
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01 Luce 03:59
02 Finska 04:12
03 Seckauer 02:14
04 Ransom 05:30
05 Im Regent´s Park um 12.00 03:36
06 Wurzhorner 02:06
07 Morocco 04:48
08 Tschum Tschum 02:10
09 Bächlein helle 02:56
10 Mai Maadele, mai Tschuurale 05:30
11 Bazzarah 04:29
12 Wolfsfrau 04:27
13 Zillertaler Walzer 02:51
14 Fluvius 04:22
15 Tam Tam 03:46
16 Bitola 05:14
Alma - Transalpin
If you associate the word “Alma” with a lady that was the talk of the town in fin-de-siècle Vienna, you’ve obviously never heard this Alma’s music. The five members of the ensemble prefer to pronounce the four letters of their name with a Spanish inflection. Not content with theoretical allusions, they grab their string instruments and button accordion, get their voices ready, and get cracking, con alma y vida, with body and soul. “Transalpin” is the title they have chosen for their latest musical wanderings, from South Tyrol to Scandinavia, from Morocco to the Dachstein mountain, from London to the Traisen valley. “Trans” is Latin for “across” or “through”, of course, but may also mean “beyond”, like in “Transdanubia” (Viennese idiom for everything beyond the river Danube), which has always been the “beyond” that was the place of origin of the whole world. So, join Alma on their journey to explore the phenomenon of musical transmigration – the lovely music you’ll hear along the way will be its own reward.

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Firmly rooted in traditional folk music from Austria yet branching out in every possible musical direction, Alma make music that comes straight from the soul and goes directly your legs. 
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