Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln - Zwanzig
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WWE 1CD 20430
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Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln
D’Abwechsler Tanz – Alois Strohmayer 04:21
Kürmayer Marsch Live – Alexander Katzenberger 03:04
Csárdas aus Ritter Pásmán – Johann Strauss Sohn 04:56
Tarantella – Akos Banlaki 04:38
Erdäpfel Raritäten – Johannes Dickbauer 04:40
Sphaerenklänge – Josef Strauss 09:33
Freund Kuritka Marsch – Josef Mikulas 03:35
Am alten Katzensteig – Josef Mikulas 05:02
Badner Tänze – Alexander Katzenberger 05:11
Gretchen Concert-Polka – Josef Mikulas 04:57
Über’n Semmering – Helmut Stippich 03:02
Weinberln und Cibeben Live – Alexander Katzenberger 07:14
Die kecken Schnopper – Anton Debiasy 06:11
Total Time 01:06:24
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01 D´Abwechsler Tanz 04:23
02 Kürmayer Marsch 03:06
03 Csárdas aus Ritter Pásmán 04:56
04 Tarantella 04:41
05 Erdäpfel Raritäten 04:45
06 Sphaerenklänge 09:37
07 Freund Kuritka Marsch 03:38
08 Am alten Katzensteig 05:07
09 Badner Tänze 05:13
10 Gretchen Concert-Polka 04:58
11 Über´n Semmering 03:06
12 Weinberln und Cibeben 07:12
13 Die kecken Schnopper 06:17
Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln: Zwanzig
If you prick up your ears while listening to these recordings of genuinely Viennese music you may detect traces of the “primordial soup” of the Vienna New Year’s Concert. The sound of the album conjures up a musical portrait of a city that still today considers itself to be a “city of music”, and also is the only city of its size in the world where wine is grown. It takes less than half an hour to get from St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the center to a “Heuriger”, a traditional Viennese wine tavern where the new wine is served (also called “Heuriger”). And the drinking is accompanied by live music, if you’re lucky, the band are the Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln. They have been making music for 20 years now, performing at wine taverns as well as at renowned concert venues. And they have succeeded in transferring the traditional Schrammel music (also enjoyed by Johann Strauss, the King of Waltz, while he was drinking his wine) into the present. So there is only one thing left to say: Best wishes – and until the next milestone anniversary! (Editor's Note)
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