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WWE 3CD 20307
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Schubertlieder, Brahms Volkslieder, Mahlerlieder
We have assembled Franui’s inspiring trilogy about the art of the 19th century lied in a neat box for your convenience. A 3-CD digipack plus extra booklet, including a special box text by Christian Seiler, and everything kept firmly in place by a beautiful cardboard cover.

Sound samples can be listened to at the pages of Schubertlieder, Brahms Volkslieder and Mahlerlieder.

“Conscious of traditions, where necessary; with great skill; buoyant, because it’s for dancing; hilarious, wherever possible; and tragic, as a matter of course.” (Christian Seiler)

This box is the perfect introduction to the world of the Musicbanda, and the perfect piece to complement your lieder collection. And if you look at the price it is practically a self-financing gift.

Franui is the name of a mountain pasture in the small Austrian (East Tyrolean) village of Innervillgraten, 1,402 meters above sea level, where most of the Franui musicians grew up.

The Musicbanda of the same name, who have been playing together in nearly the same line-up since 1993, produce an immediately recognizable sound (due to the special blend of woodwind and brass, bowed and other string instru- ments). Franui are regularly invited to perform at major festivals and venues all over Europe.

The Mahlerlieder album concludes Musicbanda Franui’s inspiring trilogy about the art of the Lied in the 19th century. 
"Only one face": Following their price-winnig recording Schubertlieder, the Tyrolean Musicbanda Franui have now taken up Johannes Brahms’ German Folk Songs
The Vinyl-edition to celebrate Franui’s 20th anniversary! 
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