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WWE 1CD 20502
Mauricio Kagel
orchestral works
Les ides fixes - Rondo for orchestra 22:14
Musik fr Tasteninstrumente & Orchester 24:26
Opus 1.991 - Concert piece for orchestra 16:28
Total Time 01:03:08
There is nothing ordinary in Kagel's music: the selection of orchestral pieces assembled on this collage CD ranges from Les ides fixes, his rondo for orchestra that appears so harmless at first sight, to the wonderfully bustling Opus 1.991. Neither in his music nor in any other discipline Kagel ever intended to adhere to a specific trend, or curb his creativity through specialization. "The deliberate break, the joining of the incommensurable, irritation through ambiguity, are Kagel's true vocation, one which he pursues with great delight in disguises and multihued iridescent role-play." (Ulrich Dibelius) Les ides fixes (1988-89) recalls traditional forms: five rondos meet one another while thematically encompassing the whole world, from ragtime to suggestions of waltzes and Eastern folk music. No less than four pianos are needed for Kagel's Musik fr Tasteninstrumente und Orchester (1987-88), whereas Opus 1.991 (1990) works with philosophical references (to Hegel's "abstract subjectivity") and evokes cinematographic reminiscences. And the master of tricky rhythms himself handles the baton to perfection!
The exceptional violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja not only impresses audiences and critics she also inspires eminent composers like Khr, Resch & Zykan. 
A composed program: the one-time portrait concert in honor of Gyrgy Kurtg brought together a group of unique artists at the Salzburg Festival in the summer of 1993. 
I have listened to your recor-ding: its brimming with ideas often fervent and always those of a true musician. The interpretation is excellent. (Stockhausen to Panisello) 
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