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WWE 2CD 20104
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Henze, Dowland
Spirit of Shakespeare
Forlorn Hope Fancy 04:15
Gloucester 06:22
Romeo and Juliet 03:07
Ariel 05:57
Ophelia 03:02
Mr. Langton´s Galliard 03:27
Complaint 01:40
Lachrimae Pavan 06:09
A Fancy 03:42
Melancholy Galliard 03:52
A Fancy 02:43
Mad Lady Macbeth 09:24
Mr. Dowland´s Midnight 02:24
Farewell 06:25
Total Time 01:42:16
Henze, Dowland Spirit of Shakespeare 12,99 €  |  download
01 Dowland - Forlorn Hope Fancy 04:15
02 Henze - Royal Winter Music Gloucester 06:22
03 Henze - Royal Winter Music Romeo and Juliet 03:07
04 Henze - Royal Winter Music Ariel 05:57
05 Henze - Royal Winter Music Ophelia 03:02
06 Henze - Royal Winter Music Touchstone, Audrey and William 03:36
07 Henze - Royal Winter Music Oberon 07:47
08 Dowland - Pipers's Pavan 05:34
09 Dowland - Mr. Langton's Galliard 03:27
10 Dowland - Complaint 01:40
11 Dowland - Fantasy 04:51
01 Dowland - Lachrymae Pavan 06:09
02 Dowland - A Fancy 03:42
03 Dowland - Tarleton's Riserrectione 02:43
04 Dowland - A Toy 01:26
05 Dowland - Melancholy Galliard 03:52
06 Dowland - Lady Hunsdon's Puffe 02:33
07 Dowland - A Fancy 02:43
08 Henze - Royal Winter Music Sir Andrew Aguecheek 06:04
09 Henze - Royal Winter Music Bottom's Dream 05:14
10 Henze - Royal Winter Music Mad Lady Mcbeth 09:24
11 Dowland - Mr. Dowland's Midnight 02:24
12 Dowland - Farewell 06:25
Henze's two great guitar sonatas based on Shakespeare's characters verily breathe life into Romeo and Juliet, Oberon or Lady Macbeth. And they are aptly complemented by music from Shakespeare's time – Dowland's marvelously contemplative lute pieces. Henze wrote the two sonatas of his Royal Winter Music in 1975/76 and 1979, at the suggestion of the English guitarist Julian Bream. What Henze had in mind was a kind of "fortepiano sonata" for guitar; and the result of his efforts was indeed guitar music of an incredible technical sophistication, even though with a literary background: "The two violent characters Gloucester and Lady Macbeth form an unrelenting musical and spiritual bracket around the Royal Winter Music. It is the power players that keep the wheel of history turning; but Henze does not only deal with the outward progress of the story but mainly with the inner development of the Shakespearean characters. From this perspective Hans Werner Henze met the high requirements demanded from his work, creating an outstanding piece of 20th century guitar music." (Stephan Stiens) An immensely intelligent, dramatically superb combination interpreted by the lutenist/guitarist Stephan Stiens.
Stephan Stiens, lute and guitar
Recorded in Cologne, Germany, Deutschland Radio, October 4-7, 2000
The master of nasal sounds: Matthias Arter has freed the oboe from the clutches of ordinary classical music and catapulted it into the 21st century. 
Bill Hopkins, an English composer who died far too early, explored the musical language of serialism at a time when its influence on the contemporary compositional style already had faded away. However, Hopkins found his own approach and reinvented the syntax in an unique way. The very few compositions he left behind bear witness to individual beauty and melodious aesthesia. 
The Austrian composer Klaus Lang wrote a mass for the musikprotokoll at Steirischer Herbst that clears the mind. 
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