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WWE 5CD 60006
Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphonies 1-9
The Haydn Orchestra is a formation that is now rare in the world of music: an orchestra composed of the players typical in a Haydn symphony (even fifty years ago this was still the usual size). As artistic director of the orchestra since 2003, Gustav Kuhn emphasizes precisely this unusual feature. The climax of this new artistic direction is a recording of all nine Beethoven symphonies on modern instruments. “The emotional states of the music can be performed just as well on modern instruments as with a philological interpretation of the scores,” says Gustav Kuhn. “Joy, innocence, seriousness, tenderness... it’s not the end of the world if I express it with gut or steel strings or some other way.”
A dazzling new recording of Beethoven’s piano concertos Nos. 1 & 5 featuring Jasminka Stancul together with Gustav Kuhn and his Haydn Orchestra! 
Franui transfer the essential spirit of Schubert to the 21st century: "Music to make your knees weaken," praised the Berliner Zeitung 
Towering at the top of the art of Mass music – for the first time on CD, the Choir Academy of the Tyrolean Festival joins Gustav Kuhn and his Haydn Orchestra. 
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