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Simone Movio
Di fragili incanti 15:28
Incanto III 19:11
... come spirali ... 20:57
Zahir V 17:34
Total Time 01:13:10
Music that discloses itself
The relationship of that which is hidden and that which hides, one which plays a central role in the artistic thought of Simone Movio. His music is simultaneously a skin and a shell, an inside and an outside, in it we find layers of meticulously carved surfaces, overlapping sonic textures of the most delicate kind, and an ingenious web of repeating elements draped around a nameless, unacknowledged kernel.

In this sense, Tuniche also represent for Simone Movio the sensory manifestation of a mental, or even spiritual experience, namely the preliminary yet necessary image of what can only be truly experienced through contemplation. Furthermore, the term is familiar from botany, where it signifies certain protective parts of a plant which are arranged in several layers like scales. They hide something while also hinting at its existence. Besides the idea of a simultaneous disclosure and dissembling, this also brings focus to the image of multiple layers arranged in succession. Both together transport the listener of Simone Movio’s music into the role of the contemplative observer, who as if participating in an initiation rite expects to gradually unveil essential things. [...]
Di fragili incanti (2006)
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Klangforum Wien, conducted by: Andreas Eberle
Eva Furrer (flutes), Bernhard Zachhuber (clarinets), Annette Bik (violin), Benedikt Leitner (cello), Joonas Ahonen (piano)

Incanto III (2012)
for tenor saxophone, percussion and piano
Klangforum Wien, conducted by: Andreas Eberle
Gerald Preinfalk (tenor saxophone), Lukas Schiske and Björn Wilker (percussion), Florian Müller (piano)

… come spirali … (2008)
for alto saxophone, violine, percussion and piano
Klangforum Wien, conducted by: Andreas Eberle
Gerald Preinfalk (alto saxophone), Annette Bik (violine), Lukas Schiske (percussion), Florian Müller (piano)

Zahir V (2011–2012)
for saxophone quartet
Andrés Gomis, Josetxo Silguero, Ángel Soria, Miguel Ángel Lorente
A co-operation of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and col legno.
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