Jazz|world, province|city, once|now: Borderline experiences with Wolfgang Puschnig! New Sound of Music - featuring the extraordinary Bernarda Fink! 
The unspeakable evil in three nameless acts: We proudly present Salvatore Sciarrino’s Macbeth, recorded at the 2011 Salzburg Festival, released for the first time as an audio document! 
Number 4 of the Salzburg Festival “Kontinent” series was dedicated to Wolfgang Rihm. We have compiled a selection of the works for your convenience – including a first recording! 
Alpine chamber music! From seemingly familiar models to free musical moods – across the boundaries of time and space. 
Hannes Loeschel sets William Blake’s cycle of poems »Songs of Innocence« to music, ably assisted by the marvelous British vocal artist Phil Minton. col legno pop at its finest. 
Oscillating between jazz, classic and new music, two exceptional projects by Swiss composer Daniel Schnyder are presented on this col legno CD. 
Gustav Kuhn’s celebrated Parsifal, recorded live at the Passion Festival Hall Erl in the summer of 2007, with the Chorus and Orchestra of the Tyrolean Festival! 
"Volksmusik" – folk music at its best: pure and genuine – collected by Herma Haselsteiner, compiled by maestro Gustav Kuhn 
Franz Koglmann meets Vladimir Nabokov, the master of "chamber music in prose"
(literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki) and composer of crackling word sonatas. 
Dispositions furtives – A piano album perceptively hinting at possibilities to recall fading memories and lost times at the touch of a key, featuring Alfonso Alberti at the piano. 
Sven-Eric Bechtolf, the actor and theater and opera director, interprets Wagner’s original texts for his Ring des Nibelungen – "a logopedical circus act." 
Having set out to track down ’typically Austrian’ elements in contemporary music, the ensemble Intégrales discovered – Alpenglühen (’alpenglow’). 
John Clark, Dave Taylor and Franz Hackl on French horn, trumpet and bass trombone are not just a brass trio but create a whole cosmos of sounds, styles and techniques. 
“A Beethoven that bubbles over with joie de vivre!”
Christine Lemke-Matwey of the Tagesspiegel in Berlin about Gustav Kuhn’s Beethoven-recording of Beethoven’s First and Fifth Symphonies. Classical – new from col legno! 
Following the great success of Mitterer’s "Brave little tailor" our second children’s opera is now available on CD: Eisenhans! “Child-friendly and light-hearted" (AllMusicGuide) 
I Hate Mozart, hit production of the Vienna Mozart Year 2006, superbly presented by the original ensemble, has now been released on SACD and DVD! 
Symphony No. 9
Haydn Orchestra
Haydn Chorus
Gustav Kuhn, conductor 
On their album Interluder, AkkoSax are busy fathoming the depths of musical history: MedievalRenaissance meets FolkJazz. 
The truth is out: Haydn was a jazz composer! Franz Koglmann took the diligent classic’s 27th symphony with him on his Nocturnal Walks
Death and the Maiden II –
Olga Neuwirth’s and Elfriede Jelinek’s inspired collaboration of 2000 is now available on CD 
In his Dis-Kontur and Sub-Kontur, the young Rihm strongly revolted against the emotional coolness he en-countered in the style of the musical avant-garde. 
Polyharmony, Tone Cluster and Counter Rhythm: the three movements of Henry Cowell’s piano concer-to of 1928 (very nearly) reveal the essence of his oeuvre. 
Nono’s first work for orchestra, the Variazioni canoniche (1950) based on Schönberg, already comprises the bases of his late works, such as No hay caminos... (1987). 
The roots and limits of guitar music: Dowland’s incredible contemporary lute pieces, and Henze’s Royal Winter Music
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