Vinko Globokar - Der Engel der Geschichte, Les Otages
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Vinko Globokar
Der Engel der Geschichte, Les Otages
1. Teil: Zerfall 29:45
2. Teil: Mars 29:45
3. Teil: Hoffnung 31:58
Les Otages 30:15
Total Time 02:01:43
Der Engel der Geschichte, Les Otages 12,99 €  |  download
Vinko Globokar is a Slovenien , born in Anderny, France, and a citizen of the world. To mark his seventieth birthday, six of his compositions were performed in Suntory Hall, Tokyo, in August 2004. The central focus was the first performance of Les Otages (The hostages), for large orchestra and sampler. This double SACD is however dominated by the now famous spatial composition Der Engel der Geschichte (The angel of history) performed and recorded in one go at the Festival international des musiques d’aujourd’hui in Strasbourg on September 18, 2004. This large orchestral triptych relates to the painting Angelus novus by Paul Klee and in particular to Walther Benjamin’s historical-philosophical interpretation of it: “Its eyes are wide open, its mouth is agape, and its wings are stretched out. The angel of history must look like this. It has turned its face toward the past. Where we see a chain of events, it sees one single catastrophe…” Vinko Globokar advises listeners to "make up their own movies to the music." The Slovenian-French European does not believe in explaining music. And the deeply moving expressiveness of his orchestral trilogy Der Engel der Geschichte, "The angel of history," inspired by Paul Klee's painting "Angelus Novus" and now documented by this recording of the exemplary SWR production, certainly speaks for itself. The listener encounters three disturbing sound images: the first, "Zerfall," refers to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, as is indicated by tape feeds of folk music and military commands; "Mars" turns into a war by proxy fought between live samples; what remains is the hope referred to by the title of the third piece, "Hoffnung." A hope, though, that is all but encouraged by the second composition on the album, Les Otages, inspired by Jean Fautrier's war hostages paintings.



[...] contains pop music of stunning grandeur, and of moving simplicity. Sincerely recommended! 
Milestones of electroacoustic music – from Varèse to Ferneyhough – investigated from a music-historical perspective and presented in contemporary 5.1 surround sound. 
"The music they make is an acoustic gingerbread, lustily oral, closely linked to eating, drinking, kissing, breathing, living." (Franzobel) 
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