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Burgtheater Wien
Fool of Love at the Vienna Burgtheater
A poet adores a beautiful young man, but cannot make him his own. So, paradoxically, he asks the young man to get married, beget children, immortalize his beauty. Are the poems commissioned works, or are they private messages? Did the addressee exist at all? And who wrote them? A woman appears in the young man’s stead, mean and perfidious, the “Dark Lady.” The poet’s love becomes a fever.

Our very own Musicbanda Franui have teamed up with the singer, composer and songwriter Karsten Riedel to create a new Shakespearean sound. Franui, with their ensemble of wind, string and folk music instruments, have made a name for themselves with their sensitive and original interpretations of Schubert, Brahms or Mahler, besides other projects. Their music is the thread by which Matthias Hartmann and Michael Schachermaier, Karsten Riedel and five actresses and actors venture into Shakespeare’s poetical labyrinth. A show to delight your ears and your soul.

A recording of the production has just been released on CD and is available from our shop. With the original CD you can also buy a limited edition bonus CD: four songs from the production, performed by the Burgtheater ensemble’s star members Johannes Krisch, Dörte Lyssewski, Sunnyi Melles and Tilo Nest!
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