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New release

Franui & Florian Boesch: Alles wieder gut

“Alles wieder gut” is the ultimate Liederabend with Florian Boesch – one of the most sought-after Lieder-interpreters of our time – and Musicbanda Franui, the iconic ten-piece, three-decade old band from the wilderness of East Tyrol. Find the album right here.
New release

Lukas Lauermann: I N

Cellist & composer Lukas Lauermann proudly presents his 2nd solo recording. This work, titled “I N”, illustrates a very particular state: Someone does some soul-searching by looking INward – and in the same instance is receiving external INput and you may simply let yourself sink INto it! Find the album right here.
New Release

Thomas Wally: Jusqu'à l'aurore

The compositions of native Viennese Thomas Wally (1981), which the fabled Mondrian Ensemble have so marvelously put down on this, the composer’s first portrait recording, might just be considered the dawn of the latest in new music. Find the album right here.
New Release

Emily Stewart: The Anatomy of Melancholy

Wait, don’t I know that name... “Emily Stewart”? Probably you do: born in London and raised in Costa Rica, the violinist and composer Emily Stewart now lives in Vienna now presenting her very own debut album, which is an utterly convincing and eclectic combination of classical, jazz and folk elements with a dash of improvisation and a soupçon of a singer-songwriter‘s perspective. Truly recommended. Find the album right here.
New Release

Les Espaces Électroacoustiques II

After the highly respected first part of the "Les Espaces Électroacoustiques", further milestones of electroacoustic music appear in an adequate and informed reproduction. The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) at the Zurich University of the Arts ensures once more with its extensive know-how and up-to-date 5.1 surround mix a unique sound experience. Find the album right here.
New Release

Boulez / Manoury: Le Marteau sans maître / B-Partita

Pierre Boulez’ Le Marteau sans maître is one of the essential compositions of the 20th century. Now, for the very first time, this masterpiece appears on the same record as B-Partita, a tribute of French composer Philippe Manoury’s (*1952) to Boulez - brought together by Daniel Kawka and the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain. Arriver avec plaisir! Find the album right here.
New Release

Franui: Ennui

In musical terms, amusement means divertimento. From brilliant examples of this genre, Franui have woven a memorable musical tale with themes by Mozart, Satie, Schumann, and others. All there is left to say is: amuse yourselves! Find the album right here.
New Release

Edition III

Our latest releases this time are rather special: they premiere our 3rd and final edition! In line with its name, “III”, it proudly sports a tripartite artwork and opens up the 3rd dimension of col legno’s very own universe. Its main characteristics are reduction, minimalism and total artistic freedom and thereby reflects the digital within the analog so to say ... and for this very special occasion we have selected three very special artists from Italy, Austria and France as our premiere guests, all of whom pursue a very own approach in their three very different programmes, by totally matching and representing the idea and the spirit of "III". 
New Release

Knoedel: Still

Knoedel are back! With a very special mix between contemporary and traditional, they return after a 17 year abstinence. Absolutely worth listening! Find the album right here.
New Release

Coastline Paradox: Welf & Eiger

On Welf & Eiger, the quintet Coastline Paradox - following their name - are active in exactly that space between ocean waves and landmass, between sea spray and scree, movement and rigidity, fluid and fixed. This area is all one experimental field. Translated into the music this means, in the words of Richard Köster, the ensemble’s founder, trumpeter and composer: ”The more closely you examine it, the more nuances you can discover.” Find the album right here.
New Release

Simon Zöchbauer: Achad

Achad – such a lovely title for a touching musical search for meaning and self, accompanied by the famous Koehne Quartett as well as producer and electronics technician Sixtus Preiss. The great questions of our origin, current condition and the greater whole are posed to us all as listeners. Find the album right here.
New Release

Christian Winther Chrsitensen: Almost In G

A distinctive language, an original tone, a unique voice – all these phenomena are rarely experienced as convincingly as in Christian Winther Christensen’s music. Earlier periods may flicker up once in a while, yet this music is fundamentally and radically of the 21st century. Yes, these are classical instruments. And yes, this is New Music. But the familiar elements are assembled and rearranged in ways that make you want to listen to this music again and again, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing ... and regarding SCENATET we're delighted to welcome one of the most innovative ensembles in Europe with us at col legno! Find the album right here.
New Release

Martin Ptak: River Tales

Film music and improvisation, childhood memories and farewells, surface and depth effect, trombone choir, tapestry of strings and piano patterns. [...] Trombonist, pianist and composer Martin Ptak finally presents his new longplayer called River Tales: a long lingering soundtrack from the source of the river to its opening in the sea – and for all the way in between! Find the album right here.
New Release

Federspiel: Wolperting

"The marvellous musicians of Federspiel record the location of Wolperting for the first time on their richly-coloured musical map. On their fifth album this place, somewhere in the realms of fantasy, becomes a musical world stage [...] and a simple glance out of the window turns into a story which lasts a lifetime." Find the album right here.
New Release

Beethoven / Mitterer: Nine In One

For the past twelve years the one and only Wolfgang Mitterer had his mighty hands on this powerful new project called "Nine In One" and we’re very lucky and grateful to finally present and recommend it to you now [...] and yes, you really can listen to Beethoven! Find the album right here.
New Release

Gnigler: Straight On, Downstairs, 2nd Door Left

Founded in 2013 by the young Austrian saxophonist Jakob Gnigler, the sextet has created its own musical world, full of the unexpected and the unpredictable. The individual versus the collective, composition versus improvisation, listening habits versus artistic intention – everywhere, contrasts are celebrated, established thought pa erns questioned, hierarchies upended. Find the album right here.
New Release

Xiaoyong Chen: Imaginative Reflections

The sounds on this album seem to come from another world. They spread through space, then disappear, or rather: fade away, evaporate, crystallize, settle as a sediment. This music is about fading away, about reverberations, echoes. European instruments sound Asian, and Asian instruments are integrated into European art music. Find the album right here.
New Releases

Ernst von Siemens Musicfoundation Composers' Prize Winners #2016

Once again the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and col legno join forces to present the portrait-CDs of 2016 composers’ prize winners Gordon Kampe, Milica Djordjevic and David Hudry. 
New Release

Arvo Pärt: Anima

This album is the first-ever compilation of all compositions by Pärt that have been transcribed for saxophone quartet – revealing them, so to speak, without words, “only” through breath, through oscillating columns of air. The Italian Alea Saxophone Quartet master this task brilliantly. Find the album right here.
New Release

Lukas Lauermann: How I Remember Now I Remember How

He plays the cello with celebrated indie bands, writes music for theatre and lm productions, realizes sound improvisations: now Lukas Lauermann presents his solo debut, and invites us to listen into “the great spaces all around” – spaces of memory, chambers of sensation, places of yearning. “Barrier-free modern classical music.” Find the album right here.
New Release

Alma: Oeo

Guess who’s back: Alma are happy to show around again presenting their brand new and highly anticipated 3rd Longplayer Oeo! »... somewhere between the native soil and a dark universe.« Find the album right here.
New Release

iris electrum

Pop music of stunning grandeur, and of moving simplicity. Eleven songs brimming over with ideas, sounds, shapes, defying any stylistic categorization, nimbly commuting between different genres, celebrating diversity and curiosity. Find the album right here.

New Release

Les Espaces Électroacoustiques

Is a musical performance “historically informed”? Does it do justice to the “original sound”? Is it even possible to truly experience the “original idea” behind a composition when it is performed with “modern instruments”? We are familiar with questions such as these in connection with the interpretation of so-called early music. On this double album they are rigorously applied to so-called new music. Find the album right here.
New Release

Federspiel: Smaragd

"The music they make is an acoustic gingerbread, lustily oral, closely linked to eating, drinking, kissing, breathing, living." (...) "It is brass instrument music with its origins in the depths of the country, but which then always branches o in surprising ways, not meeting the usual expectations but instead surprising with something new." (Franzobel) Find the album right here.
New Release

Sferraina: Monkeyfish

Sferraina, a young and uprising ensemble dedicated to "performing old music in a contemporary way and contrasting it with a modern horizon“ finally presenting their debut Monkeyfish. Find the album right here.
New Release

Franui: Tanz! (Franz)

Dance music from high-alpine regions and from the low plains, music located somewhere between Schubert, Bartok and a Young Farmers’Ball in East Tyrol ... and they call them Franui!
Find the album right here!
New Release

Trio Catch: Sanh

“Trio Catch are like a fresh new brand for the old lady New Music.” (www.van-magazin.com) — Could there be a catchier way of phrasing it? In 2016 the rising trio finally present s its 2nd Longplayer Sanh with compositions from Bertrand, Brahms and Lang. Find the album right here.
New Releases

Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation Composers' Prize Winners 2015

Once again col legno and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation join forces to present to you the portrait-CDs of 2015 composers’ prize winners Mark Barden, Birke J. Bertelsmeier and Christian Mason. 
New Release

Musikkapelle Innervillgraten: Nachklänge

The score for the last journey: For the very first time in the almost 200 year old history of the Musikkapelle Innervillgraten their legendary mourning marches can be experienced on a record! Find the album right here!
New Release

Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln: Zwanzig

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary the ensemble Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln release their latest album Zwanzig via col legno. And if you listen closely to these recordings of genuinely Viennese music you may detect traces of the “primordial soup” of the Vienna New Year’s Concert. Find the album right here!
New Release

VA: Austrian Heartbeats # 02

The 2nd issue of our co-operation with mica – music austria. Composed by a new generation of up and coming composers like Marco Döttlinger, Peter Jakober, Hannes Kerschbaumer and Manuela Meier. Curated by the one and only Georg Friedrich Haas. Listen closely. Find the album right here!
New Release

Alma: Transalpin

The shootingstars of contemporary folkmusic - made in Austria - finally present their second longplayer Transalpin.
Find the album right here.
New Release

Arvo Pärt: Babel

For the very first time one can experience Arvo Pärt’s wonderful vocalmusic performed by Wilten Boys’ Choir: Our birthday present for the estonian composer legend who’s turning 80 this year. Congratulations Mr. Pärt! Find the album right here!
New Release

Catch-Pop String-Strong: II

Jelena Popržan and Rina Kaçinari performed numerous concerts around the globe during the last two years, where they touched an excited audience. Although being busy on the road, they steadily worked on their second album. We expected a shoot for the moon and have been presented with even superior music! Find the album right here.
Ernst von Siemens Composers’ Awards

Four new CDs of the Award winners!

With great please we are releasing three new CDs in co-operation with Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation: Brigitta Muntendorf, Simone Movio, Samy Moussa and Luis Codera Puzo. 
New Release

Arditti Quartet: Pandora`s Box

Impressive listening experience guaranteed: the amazing Arditti Quartet performs John Zorn, Luke Bedford, Rebecca Saunders and Benedict Mason! Find the album right here.
New Digital Release

Dimitri Kourliandski: Negative Modulations

Sound as living, physiological phenomenon: composed by Dimitri Kourliandski. Find the album right here!
Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Composer's Awards 2014!

On Saturday May 24th 2014 three young composers receive the Composers' Awards of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. As in previous years, a portrait CD of each composer is part of the awards. Read more ... 
Tiroler Festspiele in Erl 2014

Bruckner, Bluebeard, Carmina Burana
and the Ring

The Tyrolean Festival in Erl is treating us to a superb summer programme this year: between July 10th and August 3rd the quaint little village will be drowned in music once again, with countless performances in its two vast concert halls.

And with Catch-Pop String-Strong and Alma stepping out onto the stage, two col legno artists will be making their “Erl-Debut” this year! 
Diapason d’or 3/2014

Formenti's "Notturni" receives Diapason award

In March 2014, Marino Formenti’s WIEN MODERN recording "Notturni" has been awarded with the Diapason d’or.
Treating musicians and listeners with respect

Now it’s official: we play fair

The new col legno webshop has now been officially certified as a provider of music that does business in a fair and legitimate manner. “Why, of course,” one might think – but what exactly does this mean? Read more... 

The 2014 download subscription for
friends of col legno

New year, new luck: 9 releases for an unbeatable price, plus 20% discount on all other download items and lots of benefits more: The Worldwide Download Abo! Let us suprise you with new music and explore new sounds. With your subscription you play a truly vital part in the creation of today’s music. Welcome to our life enjoying club col legno! Further details → here.
col legno with 2 nominees!

International Classical Music Award 2014

Salvatore Sciarrino "Macbeth" and Pascal Dusapin "O Mensch!" nominated! 
Hat tip to John Cage

Pulsinger/Fennesz: In Four Parts

What a combination: Patrick Pulsinger, Christian Fennesz and John Cage! Upon invitation by the WIEN MODERN festival the two legendary electronic music protagonists invoked the spirit of John Cage for inspiration. Equipped with a modular synthesizer, a guitar and electronics they create an intense musical experience that stimulates the listener’s imagination in wondrous ways. Available as CD, in mp3 and 24bitFLAC format.
The German Record Critics’ Award

Alma on the list of best recordings!

"As the band Alma, four young women and one man achieve their ideas how Alpine folk tradition can be conveyed into present time and for the people now living. With violins, bass, accordion and vocals (mostly yodeling), and with lightness, passion and imagination they let grow multifarious sprouts and blossoms from the roots: creativity is king."
(For the jury: Mike Kamp)

-> The German Record Critics' Award

Ernst von Siemens composer prize winner CDs

The new recordings are available at col legno now! Young contemporary music! Check it out here. 
O Mensch!

Three questions to Pascal Dusapin

A short interview with Pascal Dusapin and col legno about his song cycle "O Mensch!". 

Art, architecture and acoustic sophistication: the winter festival in Erl!

The brand new Festival House is a symbol of a fruitful union between public and private convictions, a symbol of art and of the commitment to creating an environment for art that meets the highest standards.

The Erl Winter Festival: 26 Dec 2012 – 6 Jan 2013.
For Information about the program in english: tirolerfestspiele.at
Wien Modern

Beyond the waltz

In 2012 the WIEN MODERN festival celebrates its 25th anniversary: with four weeks crammed with events hosted by 16 different venues, a total of 37 projects and more than 480 artists taking part, it is Austria’s largest festival for contemporary music. And col legno is on board again. 
Burgtheater Wien

And the crowd goes wild: Fool of Love

Franui, Karsten Riedel, Shakespeare and col legno: the music from the celebrated Burgtheater production “Fool of Love” is finally available on CD, for you to take home and cherish. Musical entertainment at its very best. 
New releases!

A delicate scent and a fiery red sun

Two new releases document the work of contemporary composers in quite different ways: we proudly present our Clemens Gadenstätter “Portrait” CD, plus wonderful music by Elmar Lampson on the album “Mysterienszenen.” 
Salzburger Festspiele

Kontinent Rihm & Sciarrinos Macbeth

Two recent releases documenting performances at the 2010 and 2011 Salzburg Festivals provide further evidence of the exceptional interpretational skills of Klangforum Wien. 
new co-operation

Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

The co-operation between two institutions passionately devoted to music now bears tangible, audible, delicious fruit for the first time: works by five out of the six winners of the Composers’ Prizes have now been released by col legno. 
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