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Melissa Galosi: Games
The Italian pianist Melissa Galosi opens the new III Edition with her debut album “Games”, on which she addresses a particular facet of two important composers: the joy of playing in Mozart and Kurtág, which promises a fascinating exploration of the spirit of creative joy in play.

Find the album right here.
David Six: Karkosh
On this album “Karkosh”, the Austrian pianist David Six shows the impressive results of his engagement over the course of almost two and a half years in, and with, the sacred space, which he describes as “praying to music.” A journey in search of the essence of music that is worth listening to.

Find the album right here.
Hélène Pereira: Azoth
“Azoth” is the name French pianist Hélène Pereira has given to her debut work. Spirituality has a special role to play for her, but she focuses in her album on the alchemy of the elements. The outcome: enchanting sounds which render the spiritual alchemy of Pereira’s playing audible and alive.     

Find the album right here.
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