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Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert, prolifics
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Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert, prolifics

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About prolifics
The musical paths of Peter Herbert and Josef Novotny repeatedly crossed in various projects. A silent agreement in the interplay was suspicious every time, as if there were inner metronomes that are synchronized with each other wirelessly and wordlessly. This vague assumption had to be verified: at some point there should be certainty! So it was inevitable to create this duo sooner or later.

Stylistically there are no taboos - the musicians, who are well versed in many genres, allow each other to go in any direction at any time. Mixing styles is risky, but similar to toxic substances, whether the effect is healing, intoxicating, or deadly is a matter of dose. The extremes are rather unlikely, only staying in the middle could get boring. Conclusion: What is needed is courage in one direction and naivety in the other.

In prolifics, Peter Herbert and Josef Novotny show that virtuosity does not only consist of playing as many notes as possible in a short time. It doesn’t matter whether there are many or few tones, the key is to get things straight to the point: precision in free improvisation? Possibly. But: all this is not a concept, but something that happens by itself when the two musicians play together.
About Peter Herbert
Peter Herbert is double bass player and composer and lives since 2003 in Paris and Vienna and previously 16 years in New York. Before the pandemic he has a very eventful artistic live with around 100 concerts and 100,000 flight miles per year. The winner of the “Hans Koller Prize” (Musician of the Year 2001) played as sideman with the Marc Copland/John Abercrombie Quartet, Bobby Previte’s "The Horse", John Clark Octet, Robin Eubank’s "Mental Images", or with Marcel Khalife. With more than 180 recordings (incl. Paul Simon), Herbert’s work is well documented. He is also a versatile composer with works for various orchestras and chamber music ensembles (opera "Trans-Maghreb", Bregenz Festival 2014). In 1999 he established his own Internet record label Aziza Music. Since 2007, Peter Herbert has been teaching a small double bass class at the Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz.

More about Peter Herbert here.
About Josef Novotny
Born in 1963 in Meggenhofen/Upper Austria, Josef Novotny studied organ with Peter Planyavsky and composition with Erich Urbanner at the Vienna University of Music. Josef Novotny is a composer, sound designer, electronics engineer and musician that stylistically moves between jazz and contemporary music. He is “someone who swings the hammer in order to make music from it using complicated computer programs” (Ernst Mitter, freiStil #100, 2022). He worked with Max Nagl, Burkhard Stangl, Thomas Lehn, hans w. koch, Katharina Klement, Hannes Loeschel, Franz Hautzinger, John Russell, David Tronzo, Gerry Hemingway, Tony Buck, Jonas Hellborg, Aktionstheater Ensemble, Tanzfabrik Wien, among others.

More about Josef Novotny here.
Illustre Mußik
The basis for the video is a scientific work by Johannes Neubauer on the subject of leisure. Selected texts from it, excerpts from "prolifics" and other music examples, as well as atmospheric images provide the ingredients. Goethe already commented on the video very aptly: "... a walk ... in the mode of a certain indefiniteness, ... a deliberate lack of intention"

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