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Wolfgang Rihm - Kontinent Rihm
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WWE 1CD 20297

Wolfgang Rihm
Kontinent Rihm

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Wolfgang Rihm once claimed that the most appropriate statements about his oeuvre are his own compositions. In 2010 the Salzburg Festival adopted this approach. The result was a “Kontinent Rihm” which placed the manifold tone colors and modes of expression created by the former Stockhausen student into a broader context: a piece by John Dowland written more than four hundred years ago set alongside works by Anton Webern and Karlheinz Stockhausen, connected through Wolfgang Rihm’s compositions.

“How do you learn from a master? Presumably always in a dual movement: by adopting some things while at the same time leveling creative criticism. This is how we learn from historical music. The process of melting down and refounding to produce something original progresses through these stages.” (Wolfgang Rihm)

As a special highlight, this recording includes the first ever release of the “Séraphin-Sphäre”.
Klangforum Wien
Emilio Pomárico (track 01–06), Sylvain Cambreling (track 07), conductors

With a booklet text by Mirko Bonné.



Salzburger Festspiele

PRIME colors Edition

“Subtle nuances, crystal-clear intonation, expressive force”: Wolfgang Rihm’s early String Quartets Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4, extraordinarily played by the Minguet Quartet. 
Wolfgang Rihm sets poems from Heiner Müller, Hermann Lenz and Rainer Maria Rilke to music. Listen to a living document about one of the most important lied composers of our time. 
The diversity of the seemingly incompatible: Points, contrasts and shapes of sound in Rihm’s string quartets Nos. 10 and 12 and the Quartettstudie. 
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