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Karlheinz Essl & Wolfgang Kogert - ORGANO/LOGICS
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WWE 1CD 20457
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Karlheinz Essl & Wolfgang Kogert

vingt secondes 00:32 Share
Prendere il Fa 06:34 Share
Puzzle of Purcell 06:03 Share
Partikel-Bewegungen 10:28 Share
unbestimmt 07:42 Share
tenet opera rotas 04:51 Share
après l'avant 05:04 Share
WebernSpielWerk 04:02 Share
HerrGott! 03:10 Share
Listen Thing 03:19 Share
Bonus track: Orgue de Cologne 02:09 Share
Total Time 53:54
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The album contains the entire organ works by Karlheinz Essl, composed between 1986 and 2021 and recorded by Wolfgang Kogert on the Kuhn-organ of the Hofburg Chapel in Vienna. It is the result of a long-term friendship and collaboration, but above all a teamwork that is entirely dedicated to the fasci- nation of this instrument. While Karlheinz Essl draws on well-known songs in his compositions and is inspired by elements from early music to the avant- garde, Wolfgang Kogert interprets the pieces sensitively and with virtuosity. The mezzo-soprano Anna Clare Hauf can be heard as a guest musician. The title “ORGANO/LOGICS” suggests treating the album as a kind of study that opens new approaches to the “queen of instruments” on a compositional and technical level.

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About Karlheinz Essl (composer)
Karlheinz Essl, born in Vienna in 1960, is a composer, electronic musician, performer, media artist and software designer. He studied composition with Friedrich Cerha and musicology in Vienna, and was composer in residence at the Darmstadt Summer Courses and at IRCAM in Paris. Since 2007 he holds a professorship in electroacoustic composition at the Vienna University of Music. In addition to instrumental pieces and compositions involving live electronics, Essl develops generative composition software, improvisation concepts, sound installations and performances. Past projects include collaborations with artists such as Harald Naegeli (the “Sprayer of Zurich”) and Jonathan Meese, with writers Andreas Okopenko and Erwin Uhrmann, and with choreographer Andrea Nagl. In 2020 Essl became a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus.
About Wolfgang Kogert (organ)
Wolfgang Kogert, born in Vienna in 1980, is an extremely versatile organ player, with a repertoire ranging from the Robertsbridge Codex (1360) to the latest contemporary compositions. He is the first, and to date the only, Austrian organist to ever have won the Internationale Wedstrijd Musica Antiqua in Bruges (2006). Kogert has established close collaborations with many composers, including Friedrich Cerha, Younghi Pagh-Paan and Wolfgang Mitterer. As a soloist he has performed at the Palais des Beaux-Arts Bruxelles, the Stavanger Konserthus and the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. He has been invited to play e.g. at Notre-Dame de Paris or Freiburger Münster, and has collaborated with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Vienna. In 2012 he was appointed organist of the Imperial Castle's Court Chapel in Vienna. Since 2015 Wolfgang Kogert has been teaching organ at Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, in 2020 he also accepted a temporary professorship at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.
Anna Clare Hauf (guest performer)
The mezzo-soprano Anna Clare Hauf was born in London and grew up in Vienna. She studied voice with Rotraud Hansmann and Charles Spencer at the Vienna University of Music. Hauf's special affinity with contemporary music, both in an opera context and on the concert stage, is evidenced by numerous collaborations in particular with Neue Oper Wien, most recently e. G. in Péter Eötvös’ “Paradise reloaded (Lilith)”, and Klangforum Wien (e.g. in Enno Poppe’s “IQ” at the 2011 Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele).
Anna Clare Hauf has performed concerts e. G. with Klangforum Wien, Niederösterreichische Tonkünstler, Camerata Salzburg, and the PHACE ensemble, and premiered works by Christian Muthspiel, Otto M. Zykan, Pierluigi Billone and Bernhard Lang. She has also been a singer with the Vienna Art Orchestra since 2009.


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