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Erin Gee - Mouthpieces
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WWE 1CD 20409

Erin Gee

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There are worlds within worlds.
In a laid-back manner and with apparently effortless ease the American composer involves her entire vocal apparatus in the making of music. And the way in which she integrates other musicians into her elaborately detailed cosmos of sound makes listening a rare treat and attests to a special talent. The musical elements revolve around each other, imitate each other, take turns. The intimate and familiar sound potential of the oral cavity is operated with brilliant skill to reveal a multitude of different facets, while the electrical amplification through a microphone elevates these delicate sounds to the dynamic range of their musical partners. The listener experiences a combination of human body sounds and musical instruments that is very modern and very much alive. Erin Gee puts all these ingredients together to create music of great emotional depth. Her sounds are as playful as they are accurate. The Mouthpieces shift interrelations and reset the boundaries: small/ big, close/distant, internal/external ..., all the while stimulating our imagina- tion. This is what good music does to you.
Erin Gee, voice (tracks 01–06)
ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (track 01, 02)
PHACE (track 03)
Klangforum Wien (track 04, 05)




ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien

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