iris electrum - iris electrum
[...] contains pop music of stunning grandeur, and of moving simplicity. Sincerely recommended! 
Les Espaces Électroacoustiques
Milestones of electroacoustic music – from Varèse to Ferneyhough – investigated from a music-historical perspective and presented in contemporary 5.1 surround sound. 
Federspiel - Smaragd
"The music they make is an acoustic gingerbread, lustily oral, closely linked to eating, drinking, kissing, breathing, living." (Franzobel) 
Sferraina - Monkeyfish
Sferraina create an enchanting sound space, where music from past eras continually overlaps and interacts with the present. Highly recommended! 
Trio Catch - Sanh
“Trio Catch are like a fresh new brand for the old lady New Music.” (www.vanmagazin.com) — Could there be a catchier way of phrasing it? 
Franui - Tanz! (Franz)
Dance music from high-alpine regions and from the low plains, music located somewhere between Schubert, Bartok and a Young Farmers’Ball in East Tyrol. 
Mark Barden - Monoliths
Beating Bounds, the Limits of Failure: the Music of Mark Barden. 
Birke J. Bertelsmeier - folklich
To stump a listener: the Music of Birke J. Bertelsmeier. 
Christian Mason - Unseen Light
Ceremonies, too, guard their silences: the music of Christian Mason. 
Musikkapelle Innervillgraten - Nachklänge
For the very first time in the almost 200 year old history of the Musikkapelle Innervillgraten their legendary mourning marches will be published on a record! 
Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln - Zwanzig
Prick up your ears while listening to these recordings of genuinely Viennese music and you may detect traces of the “primordial soup” of the Vienna New Year’s Concert. 
Austrian Heartbeats # 02
Vol. II of our co-operation with mica – music austria, curated by Georg Friedrich Haas. Listen closely! 
Alma - Transalpin
With their 2nd Album the 5 austrian wunderkinder - better known as Alma - are back at it again and show us once more what traditional austrian folk music has to sound like nowadays. 
Arvo Pärt Wiltener Sängerknaben - Babel
"The Wilten Boys’ Choir astonished me: with the beauty of their voices and their maturity, that is just remarkable for a Boys’ Choir." (Arvo Pärt) 
Catch-Pop String-Strong - II
A magnificent second album of this highly acclaimed female duo: Jelena Popržan and Rina Kaçinari! 
Samy Moussa - Cyclus
A tamer and charmer of tones, a ringmaster and magician!
Simone Movio - Tuniche
“…as if the music had shed each of its shells and skins one after the other, to finally stand revealed in all its naked essence.” 
Brigitta Muntendorf - It may be all an illusion
Ultimately taking shape in a multitude of aesthetic blueprints, in which many different musical approaches can be realized. 
Luis Codera Puzo - Multiplicidad
Strive for the greatest integration, exclude all vagaries and obfuscations. 
Arditti Quartet - Pandora's Box
Magnificent compositions and an outstanding ensemble: The Arditti Quartet plays Saunders, Mason, Bedford & Zorn! 
Dmitri Kourliandski - Negative Modulations
Sound as living, physiological phenomenon. 
Platypus - Selected Works Vol. IV
Nr. IV, "The Pondering" – fresh contemporary goods! 
Luca Piovesan - Sul Tasto
Accordion music of today performed by an outstanding musician! 
Trio Catch - In Between
Of transgressions and abysses, dangers and beauty: Trio Catch! 
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