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Friedrich Cerha - Spiegel
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WWE 2CD 20006

Friedrich Cerha

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"Spiegel, a work for the stage consisting of seven parts and totaling some 80 minutes, was composed in 1960/61; the fair copy was completed only in 1971. The pieces are purely musical inventions. It seems likely, though, that the phenomena that affect me most and force me into continuous reflection and analysis – perhaps in the sense in which Stravinsky talks about the influence of the world he is living in on his symphony in three movements – have unconsciously fed my concepts of sound. That is why I chose this title... Throughout the composition I was not searching for sounds solely for the sake of the sound stimulus that, formally isolated, becomes the effect, but I was investigating fundamental phenomena of musical creation." (Friedrich Cerha) In addition to the monumental opus Spiegel, this double album includes a veritable monument, namely the Monument für Karl Prantl (1988); the nine parts of the composition were inspired by the sculptor's works. Only parts 1, 2, 5 and 7 are based on specific sculptures, all other parts are meditations but are as such also closely related to Prantl, who in his later years used to refer to his works as meditations. ...

... Für K (1993) is also influenced by Karl Prantl: "I am unable to decide which part the idea of the work of the sculptor Karl Prantl played in respect of the sound orientation of the composition – to which extent the cool, compact hardness of stone, the play of light and shadow, or the brightness of the chisel's hammering are responsible, say, for the sharpness of brass sounds, the strikes of anvils, the sound dust of strings, the preference of the metallic in the sound of the percussion. The composition has a Janus-faced quality in all its facets." (Friedrich Cerha) This album with live recordings of performances at the Salzburg Festival are undoubtedly one of the most important releases of Friedrich Cerha's music.




ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien

ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien

In 1993, the Salzburg Festival presented Nono as a sound seeker in their series "Zeitfluss", focusing on Das atmende Klarsein (1980/81). 
From poetry to drama – Nono’s progress towards a "new modernism:" Das atmende Klarsein and Io, frammento da Prometeo in exemplary recordings. Finally available! 
»12 Madrigali« explored the finely structured landscapes of sound on the »continent Sciarrino« at the Salzburg Festival 2008. A sensational original release! 
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