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Platypus - Selected Works Vol. I
WWE 20417
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Selected Works Vol. I

Robert Kellner Sutel 04:24 Share
Matthias Kranebitter dunkel ist das leben ist der tod 08:11 Share
Tania Lanfer I have Com on Foot 08:35 Share
Clay McMillan Siste Viator 07:04 Share
Samuel Cedillo Soliloquio 10:52 Share
Total Time 39:06
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Sunk straight into oblivion after the world premiere! This is a fate the ensemble Platypus wish to spare some of the pieces of young composers they have included in their repertoire over the past few years.

We now proudly present the first of four bundles (19 compositions altogether): Selected Works Vol. I. The subtitle, “The Wild,” gives you an idea of how the works on the album have been selected. Nevertheless each of the pieces should be considered in its own right.

The piece from Tania Lanfer is released under the creative common license. it is part of the download bundle, and you can download it her for free too.
The composers
Robert Kellner (*1968) born in Salzburg; course for computer music and electronic media; studied instrumental and electroacoustic composition; Theodor Körner Fonds 2006, scholarship of the 9th International Academy for New Composition and Audio Art Seefeld 2005.

Matthias Kranebitter (*1980) studied electroacoustic composition, media composition and piano in Vienna and composition in Graz; postgraduate program Contemporary Music Through Non-Western Techniques at the Amsterdam conservatory.

Tania Lanfer (*1982) is a composer and pianist currently living in San Francisco, CA. She is finishing her PhD in composition at University of California, San Diego. Her past and recent mentors include Erik Ulman, Roger Reynolds, Rand Steiger, Lei Liang, and Philippe Manoury.  

Clay McMillan (*1976) was born in California and received his musical education in Austria. He is the author of Reflections which received the first prize at the Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition (2010).  He lives and works in Italy.    

Samuel Cedillo (*1981) studied composition with Germán Romero in Las Rosas Conservatory, Morelia Mexico; he got his bachelor degree with Honorific Mention in 2007; postgraduate studies at the department of philosophy of UNAM University, Mexico City, in 2011. His music is performed regularly in Mexico, and has also been performed in various venues in Europe, the USA and Latin America.
Instrumentation Platypus
Kaoko Amano, soprano
Sieglinde Grössinger, flute
Doris Nicoletti, flute
Theresia Schmidinger, clarinet
Ryuta Iwase, clarinet
Hibiki Oshima, violin
Marianna Oczkowska, violin
Yuta Takase, violin
Marie Yamanaka, viola
Tomasz Skweres, violoncello
Jaime Wolfson, piano, direction

Guests on this release:
Rafal Zalech, viola (Kranebitter)
Irene Frank, violoncello (Kranebitter)
Alexander Boiadjiev, conductor (Kranebitter, Cedillo)
Barnaba Poprawski, viola (McMillan)
Frederick Neyrinck, piano (McMillan)
Simon Vosecek, conductor (McMillan)
Isn’t it lovely! What terrible noise is this?
Part of the concept is to talk about these compositions. We want to revive the tradition of discussing, and exchanging views about, music. The composers are young, with varying degrees of experience, and have expressly consented to their pieces being put up for discussion.

We have comissioned some short texts to give you some food for thought on how to approach the different perspectives of criticism. Hannes Dufek, artistic director of the Platypus New Music Group and composer, wrote the first words. You can download the text here.

The actual discussion will take place on Facebook and Soundcloud. Feel free to join in, we’re looking forward to hearing from you


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