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Platypus - Selected Works Vol. IV
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Selected Works Vol. IV

Veronika Mayer – UTA Songs in Japanese 06:16 Share
Fernando Riederer – Alento II 07:50 Share
Jaime Wolfson – Recuerdan 10:01 Share
Thomasz Skweres – Direkt 11:15 Share
Sandra Lemus – K'unk'un 04:45 Share
Total Time 40:07
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The Finale! With number IV we introduce the last of our bundles together with ensemble Platypus to present young contemporary composers. Subtitle: "The Pondering".

Sunk straight into oblivion after the world premiere! This is a fate the ensemble Platypus wish to spare some of the pieces of young composers they have included in their repertoire over the past few years.
The composers
Veronika Mayer (*1977) is a composer, musician and sound artist. Her works include instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, sound installations and performances with live electronics. She is also active in the field of electronic improvisation, both as a soloist and collaborating with other artists, including visual artists. Her works have been presented at various festivals for contemporary and experimental music and sound art in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Mexico.

Fernando Riederer (1977) was born in Brazil. He studied composition in Curitiba (BR) and Vienna; his teachers included Mauricio Dottori, Dieter Kaufmann, Germán Toro-Perz and Karlheinz Essl. Riederer has participated in various festivals and competitions. In 2001 he founded the Ensemble Entre Compositores, an association of composers engaged in a collective search for the intersection between conceptual art, music and performance. In 2006 he co-founded Platypus.

Jaime Wolfson (1976) is a composer born in Mexico, with Lithuanian roots. He started composing in 2006; he now lives in Vienna, working as a pianist and conductor. Wolfson is a co-founder of Ensemble Platypus and a member of Ensemble Wiener Collage.

Tomasz Skweres (1984) is a Polish composer and cellist; he has been living in Vienna since 1997. Studied composition and cello performance at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna; solo cellist of Philharmonisches Orchester Regensburg since 2012; cellist with Radiosymphonie Orchester Wien from 2009 to 2011. Frequent international performances as a chamber musician, especially in the field of New Music. As a composer he has won several competitions; his works are performed regularly at renowned concert halls and are published by Doblinger.

Sandra Lemus (1982) studied composition under the tutelage of German Romero. She has taken composition workshops and master classes with Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Ignacio Baca Lobera, Hébert Vázquez, José Luis Castillo, Yan Maresz and Luca Francesconi, among others. Her music has been performed in contemporary music festivals. Currently she produces music with the composer Tonalli Magaña in Veracruz Mexico, where they live with their two year old son, Carlos Maria.
Kaoko Amano, soprano
Sieglinde Grössinger, flute
Doris Nicoletti, flute
Theresia Schmidinger, clarinet
Ryuta Iwase, clarinet
Frederick Neyrinck, piano
Hibiki Oshima, violin
Marianna Oczkowska, violin
Yuta Takase, violin
Marie Yamanaka, viola
Tomasz Skweres, violoncello
Jaime Wolfson, piano, conductor

Guests on this release:
Manon Bancsich, piano (Wolfson)
Alexander Boiadjiev, conductor (Riederer)
Igor Gross, percussion (Wolfson)
Robert Olisa Nzekwu, violin (Wolfson)
Barnaba Poprawski, viola (Wolfson)
Rafal Zalech, viola (Mayer)
Isn’t it lovely! What terrible noise is this?
Part of the concept is to talk about these compositions. We want to revive the tradition of discussing, and exchanging views about, music. The composers are young, with varying degrees of experience, and have expressly consented to their pieces being put up for discussion.

The actual discussion will take place on Facebook and Soundcloud. Feel free to join in, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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