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Alejandra Hernández - Móvil
WWE 20422
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Alejandra Hernández

Sublingual 03:52 Share
Trazos 09:05 Share
Vuelos 06:33 Share
Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - I 08:16 Share
Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - II 10:00 Share
Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - III 14:48 Share
33 10:42 Share
Total Time 01:03:16
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01 Sublingual 03:52
02 Trazos 09:05
03 Vuelos 06:33
04 Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - I 08:16
05 Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - II 10:00
06 Triptico - Pies, para que los quiero - III 14:48
07 33 10:42
Total Time 01:03:16
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A distinctive identity
In this collection of work Móvil, Alejandra Hernández exposes her passions and obsessions as a composer through the use of innovative instrumental techniques performed on traditional acoustic instruments that are then manipulated electronically. In her music the two sonic areas or domains – the acoustic and electronic – intersect, and have a dialog with each other, and ultimately generate and share a new and original sound space – a space that the poet José Gorostiza accurately defined with elegance and beauty in these verses: "No es agua / ni arena / la orilla del mar" (seashore is neither water nor sand). It is in this thin line or sound border where Hernández fully sets loose her imagination and fantasy.

Hernández has created a body of work with an extensive range of new colors and texture further enhanced by the use of Mexican popular music – such as the Son Jarocho*. These popular musical elements or motifs lose their anecdotal character and are transformed when integrated into her musical text as in Tríptico: Pies, para que los quiero. In this work the musical quotation is clearly perceived, but more in the way of a scenic plot than a musical event. It is clear that the Son we hear is loaded with theatricality. Indeed, the theater, the stage event, has always been one of Hernandez’s passions and fidelities. And it is precisely this fidelity to her own obsessions which has led Hernandez to compose a body of work that is unlike any other.

Mario Lavista
Alejandra Hernández
Composer and sound artist interested in articulating research, exploration, technology, and actual instrumental techniques in order to find methods and materials for the creation of her compositions, focusing mainly on electroacoustic music.

She studied music in Mexico and at the Berklee College of Music, earning a scholarship of this institution and a Fulbright-García Robles grant. Since then, she has taken several courses in contemporary music and new technologies.

To develop her professional work, she has received support and recognition from various institutions including: CIM / UNESCO; Center for Contemporary Music / LIEM, Spain; BBVA Bancomer Cultural Fund; FONCA / Banff Centre for the Arts Canada / Mexico; Centro Multimedia del CENART; and Goethe Institute, Mexico. In 2005 and 2012 she received grants from the National System of Art Creators, Mexico.

Her work has been presented at numerous international festivals and venues for contemporary music.

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