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Ludwig van Beethoven - Klavierkonzert 1./5.
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WWE 1CD 60010

Ludwig van Beethoven
Klavierkonzert 1./5.

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Klavierkonzert 1./5. 9,99 €  |  download
It was back in 1989 when Jasminka Stancul won the prestigious Beethoven competition in Vienna. This latest release, a recording of Beethoven's first and fifth piano concertos, marks the first chapter of a new cooperation, with Gustav Kuhn as the perfect partner at the conductor's stand, an accompanist as sensitive as he is bold and confident. And the third party in the threesome: the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, so widely praised by critics for their recordings of all nine symphonies released recently. The "slender, passionate, precisely recognizable Beethoven style," the "color and force, drive and depth," or the "marvelous intensity without so much as a hint of superficial flashiness" are just a few of the brilliant attributes testifying to the status of Gustav Kuhn and his orchestra, who have grown together into such an outstanding ensemble over the years. Like the symphonic recordings, Gustav Kuhn's interpretation of Beethoven's piano works is also characterized by transparency, clarity, accentuated play, exemplary balance and a good measure of fiery spirit – all qualities that are perfectly in line with Jasminka Stancul's pianistic Beethoven ideal; and the splendid performance by the Haydn Orchestra rounds off a delightful experience.




Haydn Orchester von Bozen und Trient

Franz Winter’s reading of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, live from the Tyrolean Festival Erl, makes for an enthralling and thoroughly entertaining audio experience. 
Gustav Kuhn and his Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento perform the complete symphonies by Johannes Brahms with verve and vigor and exemplary transparence. 
Fandango, sonatas and other piano pieces: The Italian pianist Davide Cabassi conjures up the music of the Spanish monk with sweeping grandezza! 
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