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Francisco Guerrero - orchestral works
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WWE 1CD 20044

Francisco Guerrero
orchestral works

Coma Berenices 14:46 Share
Ariadna 07:55 Share
Sáhara 11:33 Share
Oleada 11:49 Share
Antar Atman 08:48 Share
Total Time 54:51
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For Francisco Guerrero, who prematurely passed away at the young age of 46 in 1997, composing never was an abstract labor of the mind, even though the developmental models he pressed into service are very difficult to comprehend. “It was his intention to make music as nature makes it, to allow a composition to develop as trees develop,” said Stefano Russomanno. “The application of nature’s own principles of composition is an act which brings together corporealness and sound.” Guerrero always took pains to develop pieces from within, „to grasp the essence in the form of the intertwined relations.” (Guerrero) These principles are on clear display in all the pieces collected on the present release. They are particularly easily accessible in the “compositional fabric” of Atnar Atman, which appears to be “teeming with ants”, and in Oleada, which is based on the fractal development of a wave. In Ariadna, on the other hand, the plastic principle of tension and tension release takes center stage. By contrast, Sáhara seems to be spreading from within only to eventually “explode with unbroken energy”. ...

... Fractals, i.e., mathematical models of the behavior of objects and phenomena under chaotic and complex circumstances, are most prevalent in one of his last pieces, Coma Berenices. “Just like in star nebulae, the orchestral fabric permits the ascent of different colors of varying saturation from the grid of sound.” The music has a sort of immediate and direct vehemence. As a result, grasping the pieces is much less a matter of the intellect than their “complicated” development might lead one to suspect. Their momentum allows them to advance right to the listener’s innermost self: Guerrero’s music is, without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements of the avant-garde.




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