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Lukas Lauermann - Interploitation
Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert, prolifics
Trio MIT, Breezes from here and there
mos, mnemonic
Martin Ptak & Martin Eberle - MOMENTUM

Les Espace Électroacoustiques III

The adventure is going on! Selected pieces of live electronic music practices since the emerging of digital technologies, from 1986 to 2007.

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Lukas Lauermann: Interploitation

The cellist Lukas Lauermann intervenes in his own recordings and creates from it new pieces.

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Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert: prolifics

Josef Novotny & Peter Herbert as a duo for the first time. In "prolifics" precision meets improvisation.
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Trio MIT: Breezes from here and there

The melodies of Trio MIT stands in the old tradition of oriental storytelling: it seems like traveling into the vastness of fantasie. Orient meets occident: music as vehicle for exchange and cultural dialouge.

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m o s: mnemonic

Drawing influences from minimalist and improvised music,
m o s fuses spontaneous interplay with meticulous structures.

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Vélvez: I will never die

The debut album "I will never die" by Vélvez is music manifesting the feeling of being on the way, music in a limbo between ecstasy and melancholy and the permanent desire to discover something new.

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Matthias Jakisic: Fragmente

Matthias Jakisic’s "Fragmente" is an original vision of what classical string quartets in the 21st century might sound like.

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Wolfgang Puschnig/Pentaklang Ensemble: Present Memories

"Present Memories" (Wolfgang Puschnig/Pentaklang Ensemble) is a subtile composted collection of chamber music pieces for woodwind.

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Wolfgang Mitterer: Phantom

A dream that turns into a nightmare: Wolfgang Mitterer’s setting of the silent film classic »Phantom« by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. With Phace - Ensemble for new music conducted by Lars Mlekusch.

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Juliana Hodkinson: Angel View

Angel View is an assemblage of urban and musical debris, somewhere between a wordless live radio play, enacted film soundtrack and instrumental theatre.

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Mathias Monrad Møller: The Best Version of Myself

An original portrait album of the singer and composer Mathias Monrad Møller with soloist ensemble PHØNIX16, Sebastian Berweck, Carola Schaal and The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

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Hélène Pereira: Axis Mundi

Hélène Pereira’s latest recording »Axis Mundi« presents works for “extended” piano - where the performer adopts atypical piano setups to create a new piano sound - with compositions by the likes of Isotta Trastevere, François Rossé, Philippe Festou, Jean-Claude Risset, John Cage, Mayu Hirano and Ivan Solano. Find the album right here.
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Matthias Muche: Bonecrusher

In his new solo project "Bonecrusher", WDR Jazz Prize Winner Matthias Muche uses a wide variety of playing setups: feeds of speech and soundscapes into and on the trombone, spatial expansion using external bells, interactive computer graphics as synaesthetic perception, or simply the pure, naked trombone. Find the album right here. 
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Wolfgang Mitterer: temp tracks

Wolfgang Mitterer is much in demand as a composer of operas, concertos, film scores, and theater music (including music for the Salzburg Festival’s Jedermann), for which he has been commissioned by renowned orchestras, ensembles, and opera houses around the world. Here the two-time recipient of the Austrian Film Music Award is releasing terrific “temp tracks”, which is music that serves as the preliminary soundtrack to film sequences until the ‘proper’ music arrives. Find the album right here.
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Xiaoyong Chen: Qian & Yan

Xiaoyong Chen’s compositions are, in a manner of speaking, “west- eastern travelling parties”: to the classical inventory of European instruments, he introduces the sounds of Chinese instruments that have several thousands of years of history to them. As part of this process, Chen asks: “Will the art of the future be based on tradition?”, only to add, matter-of-factly: “If so, why?” Find the album right here.
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Christoph Zimper - The Millennials Mass

The fascinating debut album by the Austrian composer and clarinetist Christoph Zimper, supported by top-class artists such as the Eggner Trio and the Plattform K+K Vienna: emergent, profound and exciting! Find the album right here.
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Paul Frick: Hofknicks

Paul Frick, best known for being a member of the group Brandt Brauer Frick and in 2020 also became a member of the legendary Tangerine Dream, presents his latest solo album 'Hofknicks' touching the genres of Dub, Bass, Techno, Ambient and Contemporary Classical, undergoing a multi-perspective reimagination of its origins ... reaching our ears as a hybrid play of reflections and colours. Find the album right here.
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Lukas Ligeti: That Which Has Remained...

The internationally renowned percussionist and composer Lukas Ligeti created a touching composition situated somewhere between performance art and concert, which remembers the history of Polish Jews in a unique way. Find the album right here.
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Romed Hopfgartner: Pattern & Decoration

Colorful jazz in all its forms and possibilities: the new album by the versatile Austrian saxophonist Romed Hopfgartner!
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VOS: Charlatan

Dark glowing contemporary jazz: the picture-rich and atmospheric debut album of the Austrian trio VOS!
Ketan Bhatti

Nodding Terms

New music and groove – does it work and does it exist? Musical crossover artist Ketan Bhatti nods ... and delivers proof with his solo debut Nodding Terms! 
Emily Stewart

The Anatomy Of Melancholy

The versatile and moving debut album by Emily Stewart with lyrics by Robert Burton. Absolutely worth listening! 
Trio Catch


“Trio Catch are like a fresh new brand for the old lady New Music.” (www.vanmagazin.com) — Could there be a catchier way of phrasing it? 
Emily Stewart: Fair
Franui & Florian Boesch: ALL WAS WELL AGAIN

Coastline Paradox: Teaser
SCENATET: Nice Guys Win Twice
Martin Ptak: River Tales (Live)
Lukas Lauermann: wir sind abgründe (ein brunnen der in den himmelschaut)
Alma: Oeo (Teaser)
iris electrum: of tigers and owls (no future, no past)
Alma: Morocco
CPSS: Bold
Alban Berg

Songs from the Youth

Even before he became Arnold Schönberg’s student, Alban Berg wrote some 40 Jugendlieder, ’early lieder’: Romantic poetry as mirrored by the Fin de Siècle. 
Vinko Globokar


Archaic sounds, songs as psychodramas, plowing through the depths and shallows of the orchestra: experience Globokar’s cosmos of original, intense music. 
Morton Feldman

Crippled Symmetry

Music and carpets? Well, the latter’s slightly irregular patterns certainly inspired Morton Feldman to write his Crippled Symmetry (1983). 
Steven Stucky
Listening to Contemporary Music
A timeless keynote about finding a relationship to music of our times. 
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