New Release
Sferraina: Monkeyfish
Sferraina, a young and uprising ensemble dedicated to "performing old music in a contemporary way and contrasting it with a modern horizon“ finally presenting their debut Monkeyfish. Find the album right here.
New Release
Trio Catch: Sanh
“Trio Catch are like a fresh new brand for the old lady New Music.” (www.van-magazin.com) — Could there be a catchier way of phrasing it? In 2016 the rising trio finally present s its 2nd Longplayer Sanh with compositions from Bertrand, Brahms and Lang. Find the album right here.
New Release
Franui: Tanz! (Franz)
Dance music from high-alpine regions and from the low plains, music located somewhere between Schubert, Bartok and a Young Farmers’Ball in East Tyrol ... and they call them Franui!
Find the album right here!
New Releases
Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation Composers' Prize Winners 2015
Once again col legno and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation join forces to present to you the portrait-CDs of 2015 composers’ prize winners Mark Barden, Birke J. Bertelsmeier and Christian Mason. 
New Release
Musikkapelle Innervillgraten: Nachklänge
The score for the last journey: For the very first time in the almost 200 year old history of the Musikkapelle Innervillgraten their legendary mourning marches can be experienced on a record! Find the album right here!
New Release
Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln: Zwanzig
Celebrating their 20 year anniversary the ensemble Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln release their latest album Zwanzig via col legno. And if you listen closely to these recordings of genuinely Viennese music you may detect traces of the “primordial soup” of the Vienna New Year’s Concert. Find the album right here!
New Release
Arvo Pärt: Babel
For the very first time one can experience Arvo Pärt’s wonderful vocalmusic performed by Wilten Boys’ Choir: Our birthday present for the estonian composer legend who’s turning 80 this year. Congratulations Mr. Pärt! Find the album right here!
New Release
Alma: Transalpin
The shootingstars of contemporary folkmusic - made in Austria - finally present their second longplayer Transalpin.
Find the album right here.
Trio Catch
In Between
Of transgressions and abysses, dangers and beauty: Trio Catch! 
Galina Ustvolskaya
Piano Sonatas
Markus Hinterhäuser shows us a terrific interpretation of the piano sonatas from the russian composer. Massive music! 
John Cage
Melodies & Harmonies
"Six Melodies" (1950) and "Thirteen Harmonies" (1985): Annelie Gahl (violin), Klaus Lang (Fender Rhodes) and col legno present an excitingly accessible John Cage. 
Alma: Ransom
Franui: Portrait
CPSS: Bold
Morton Feldman
Triadic Memories
The sound as the center of being: grown from silence, Feldman reaches the bounds of comprehensibility in Triadic Memories. 
John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes
The master of the prepared piano tackles small musical forms with his accustomed originality in his Sonatas and Interludes. 
Marino Formenti
Nothing is real
A desert island CD! Or a bathtub CD, at any rate: Nothing is real, compiled and exceptionally performed by Marino Formenti. 
Vinko Globokar
Archaic sounds, songs as psychodramas, plowing through the depths and shallows of the orchestra: experience Globokar’s cosmos of original, intense music. 
Morton Feldman
Crippled Symmetry
Music and carpets? Well, the latter’s slightly irregular patterns certainly inspired Morton Feldman to write his Crippled Symmetry (1983). 
Steven Stucky
Listening to Contemporary Music
A timeless keynote about finding a relationship to music of our times. 
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